Requirements for Setting up a SEE-GRID CA Registration Authority

Registration Authority set up

In order to establish a Registration Authority in an Institute or Organization that is affiliated with GRNET S.A. or, SEE-GRID CA requires an official request from a legal representative of the Institute or Organization. The following information is required:

  1. The formal name of the institute
  2. The person (name, contact information) of the person who will act as the RA Manager for the Institute/Organization
  3. The person(s) (name, contact information) who will act as the RA operator(s) for the institute

We will need this letter to be sent to the SEE-GRID CA headquarters by mail but as this usually delays the procedure, we ask the applicants to send us also a scanned version via email in order to speed up the process. The postal address can be found in the template letter. When we receive the e-mail, we can organize a video call with the applicant in order to finalize the process.

The RA Manager should be staff of the Institute/Organization and will be the main contact point between SEE-GRID CA and the Institute/Organization. The RA manager can appoint one or more RA Operator(s) who will perform the day to day tasks of the Registration Authority. The RA operator is technical role and has the duty to schedule face to face meetings with applications in order to validate their requests, keep the necessary records and forward the validated requests to the SEE-GRID CA.

It it not uncommon that the RA Manager also performs the duties of the RA Operator where the number of certificate requests does not justify the allocation of more resources.